Our Games

Our Games

All of our games come with: Host Guide/Party Planner, Invitations, Suspect Profiles, Suspect Booklets/Scripts, Secret Clues and 2 Bonus Characters. Our games are best suited for Adults and range from 6-8 players to 10-12 players.

6-8 Players: Merlot, Meritage & Murder

Merlot, Meritage & Murder Mystery Game

The Crime: Welcome to the Okanagan...sit, relax and enjoy a sip of...scandal! That's right, trouble is brewing in wine country. Big Red, the notorious owner of Red Rose Winery, has been found murdered on the eve of the annual wine festival. Can you solve this intoxicating crime?

The Suspects: Bernie Bottleneck, Crystal Flute, Rosie Blush, Sam Screwcap, Sue Sourgrapes, Victor Q Andrew
Bonus Characters: Olga Ogopogoski, Walt Winelover

8-10 Players: Mistletoe, Mayhem & Murder

The Crime: Tony Tinsel isn't exactly Father Christmas...he's more like the Godfather of Christmas. Only now this mobster has been murdered, and everyone is on Santa's naughty list!

The Suspects: Carol McCrafty, Fanny Fruitcake, Gramma Grinchity, Gary Gobble, Oldman Nick, Ralph Rednose,Tina Tinsel, Tiny Tim.
Bonus Characters: Billy Butler, Nelly Nutcracker

8-10 Players: Rocky Mountain Murder - Out of Stock

The Crime: Welcome to Banff, AB...a playground of adventure...and intrigue! Charles Vandersnoot the wealthy owner of Mystery Mountain ski resort has been murdered, and everyone is a suspect in this chilling crime!

The Suspects: Bunny Vandersnoot, Cecilia Vandersnoot, Chet Jet-Set, Doctor T Bar, Franz Flash, Gertrude Greenrun, Hank "Hotdog" Hooper, Rudy Redyes
Bonus Characters: Ranger Rick, Roxy Rundle

8-10 Players: All Aboard the Murder Express - Coming Soon!

The Crime: Tammy Two-Step, the larger than life owner of the western themed passenger train The Rocky Mountain

Express, has a reputation for using fancy footwork when it comes to matters of business…and matters of the heart. Thanks to Tammy’s two steppin’ (& two timin’) ways she’s made a ton of money…and a ton of enemies. Now, on the night before her own sister’s wedding, Tammy has been found murdered aboard The Rocky Mountain Express…and everyone onboard is a suspect! Can you track down the killer or will they ride off into the sunset?

The Suspects: Betty Buckaroo, Dorothy Dirt, Lasso Lou, Polly Polka, Rex Righttrack, Captain Spur, Tom Tumbleweed, Wanda Wallflower.

Bonus Characters: Fiona Flapjack, Sheriff Steve

10-12 Players: Secrets, Scandals & Superheroes

The Crime: It's Superheroes vs Evil Villains...who murdered the mad scientist? Dudley Demented has been found murdered in his lab...and not everyone is what the seem. Can you use your superpowers to solve the mystery?

The Suspects: Captain Perfect, Chainsaw Man, Daisy Demented, Glitter Girl, Lightning Man, Military Myrna, Rabbit Boy, Stewy SideKick, The Aerosol Avenger, The Black Widow
Bonus Characters: Detective Dwayne, Tilly Tattler

Proudly made in Alberta, Canada​